Bag in Box Verpackung

Sturdy & Convenient BIB's Preserve Olive Oil's Quality

Castillo de Pińar Olive Oil is available in Bag-In-Box (BIB) packaging, which is ideal for restaurant kitchens and other high-quantity users. The reduced weight and greater volume offers efficient and economic packaging, allowing it to be easily and cheaply stored and transported. The versatile size and practical design make access in a busy kitchen clean and simple.

Sturdy Exterior

The box which houses the BIB is a sturdy cardboard, protecting the BIB from damage. As a single-use product the BIB hygienic, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and reduces waste.

Castillo De Pinar Olive Oil Bag In Box Bladder

Multi-layer Film

Bag-in-Box (BIB) has a metallic, thermo-laminated bladder. The key to this unique system is that during the filling process, nitrogen (an inert gas) is added so the Olive Oil does not oxidize. This protects the Olive Oil from exposure to air, preventing the entry of anything other than olive oil, even in use.

Castillo De Pinar Olive Oil Bib Tap Closeup Sm

Release Tap

The faucet on Castillo de Pińar BIB is a spring-powered automatic return valve. Easy to use, provides consistent pouring and is an efficient bottle refilling station. Releasing the spring-loaded tap self-seals the bag. The tap has a one-way valve creating a vacuum effect as the bladder empties. It secures the BIB from outside contamination air and forces all oil from the BIB, reducing waste.